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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recipe Page

Cooking is also an Art.

First Recipe on my blog.

Kathy’s Romano Crusted Sole.

The  approximate time from start to finish is about twenty minutes.

Four Small Sole Fillets.  Can also use Flounder.   I use very thin fillets.  If yours is thick then you will need to cook it a little longer.

About a cup of Panko

Couple of Tablespoons of Flour


Fresh Romano Cheese  (Grated).  About a half a cup.

Dill, Salt, Pepper, to taste. 

 Light vegetable oil , enough to lightly cover the bottom of the sauté pan. 

A splash of white wine (Optional)

Splash of Lemon

About a tablespoon of Capers.   These can be optional, but we like the added taste of the Capers. 

Assembling and Cooking.

Dry fish with paper towels so the topping will stick.

Season the fillets with Salt, Pepper and a tad of Dill. 

On two paper plates put the flour on one and the panko on another one.   I add the salt, pepper and dill to the flour like I did the fish.   Add about a half a cup of the grated Romano cheese to the Panko and mix together.

Beat the egg in a small shallow bowl that the fish will fit in.

First run the fish fillet in the beaten egg, then run it through the plate lightly with the flour and seasonings  followed by dredging it again in the Panko and Grated Cheese Mixture.  Do that on both sides of the fish fillet.

Heat the oil in a sauté pan, add the capers to the oil.  Stir them around while heating the oil .  When the oil is hot put each coated fish fillet in the pan and sauté about three  minutes on each side.  You want them golden brown but not burnt. You may want to turn the heat lower than full high.   I also use very thin fillets.   Once each side is browned add a splash of white wine of your choice and a splash of lemon juice.   Remove from  heat and eat.


  1. yep this works we are such cooking divas.

  2. I, too, am a Type 2 Diabetic, so I truly appreciate recipes. We are always on the look out for new ones. We like most fish as well! Thanks for sharing!


  3. My husband is type2 also and you all know about his triple bypass this year....so low sodium and diabetic recipes are awesome. Thank You Kathy!

  4. Delicious Kathy! Are you collecting recipes from all over the World In case, just let me know...:)
    Many thanks!
    Hugs, Gio